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Student Visa for Canada
Canada boasts excellent education programs from their world-class cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. Their education institutions are very competitive and remain at the forefront of technology and global trends. It is why Canada remains one of the top choices of students who want to pursue higher education abroad.
How to study in Canada?
We’ve outlined a process for you to follow.
Step 1:
Every individual has a different preference and situation. Our counselors will assess and consider these factors to find the pathway that best fits our applicant.
Step 2:
Selection of school
After passing the first stage, applicants must select their school. They can choose to apply from our designated learning institution partners and affiliated colleges.
Step 3:
Complete the requirements
Applicants should complete the list of requirements needed for their application. Our qualified education agent counselor will assess each document before submitting it to their school of choice.
Step 4:
Obtain a letter of acceptance
The desired educational institution will review the documents and requirements we submitted. If the application is accepted, the student will receive a Letter of Acceptance from their school.
Step 5:
Visa application
A notification will be sent to each applicant to remind them about the lodging of their Visa application. Once lodged, the students will receive a Visa receipt.
Step 6:
Receive a biometric instruction letter
A biometric instruction letter will be sent to the applicant to verify the completion of their application.
Step 7:
Wait for Visa decision
Students will receive a confirmation message once their Visa application is approved. If their Visa application is unsuccessful, applicants can refund their tuition fee.
Step 8:
Plan your stay in Canada.
ELCID will provide pre-departure orientation to help students plan their arrival in Canada. Once the applicant arrived in Canada, ELCID Migration will commit to assisting our valued clients. Approved clients can raise to us everything that concerns them during their stay in Canada.
Why study in Canada?
Great Immigration Program
Canada offers immigration programs that will help you in discovering a pathway to becoming a Permanent Reside
Broader Career Opportunities
By acquiring a study in Canada, you can apply for a Postgraduate work permit. This permit will allow you to stay and work in Canada after you graduated.
Multicultural Diversity
Canada is a very welcoming country. The country is well known for making sure people's traditions are well-maintained and respected.
Safe and Stable Location
Canada ranks number 6 in the most peaceful countries in the world. Canada also boasts a wide range of beautiful sights which tourists like you can visit and wonder.
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